Welcome to my BLOG.

This is my resignation that I never will actually produce the regular printed or emailed newsletter that I’ve wanted to do for several years now; and I’ve not liked the ones I could purchase.

What I will attempt to do in this space is provide news, analysis, insight and practical guidance for dealing with federal and state taxes.  My entries are intended to spur you to think about and be more tax-wise in your everyday transactions.  Ask questions.

The emphasis will be on income tax but I’ll make foray’s into estate and gift tax as well as exempt organization compliance as well, as circumstances warrant.

Likewise the emphasis will be on Michigan state taxes above other state taxes because the major portion of my client base is subject to these.  Here again if I run across something of particular interest, I’ll stray from this single State focus.

Tell your colleagues, friends, co-workers, etc about this blog.  Even on the odd chance that it grows in interest and usefulness beyond my expectations, it will always remain free for active clients.

Time will tell how often and how detailed my posts will be; and how long it may take for me to respond to questions and comments.  I’m hoping that I can fit this into normal down time during the day and evening, yes, even during tax season.