Lawrence Zimbler, MST, EA

Larry is a nationally recognized instructor for tax continuing education. He speaks and conducts classes in tax issues and procedures for other tax professionals across the country. He has taught accounting and tax classes at the university level for multiple years and most recently has been a national instructor for the National Association of Tax Professionals for over 10 years; and develops and presents material independently for various tax associations.


Larry has authored or collaborated on various tax related articles and books. He is available to teach or speak on tax subjects, feel free to contact Larry.

“Lawrence was a great teacher when I was studying for my EA Exam from the IRS. He was one of my Study group teachers that help me pass the three part exam. Larry helped me understand what I needed to know for the test and to remember what I learned in the class for the real world. I would study under Larry anytime and would recommend him to anyone in a heart beat.” August 5, 2010

C. R.

“Larry and I serve on the board of directors for the Michigan Chapter of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP). Larry capably serves as the chapter’s treasurer.

Larry is also an education instructor for NATP and the Michigan chapter. He is very knowledgeable about taxation issues and is able to add humor and practical examples throughout his instruction. I recommend Larry as a tax instructor.” September 22, 2009


Current Topics Include:


Basis of S-Corp Shareholders  (2) Employee vs. Independent Contractor  (1)
Basis of Trading Securities
(including options and PTP’s)  (2 – 3)
Basics of the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion  (2)
ABC’s of AMT  (2) Basis of Inherited Property  (2)
Tax Office Privacy Issues  (1)** Injured Spouse / Innocent Spouse  (1)
Health Savings Accounts  (2) Medical Expenses  (1)
Preparer Penalties  (1)** Advising Small Non-Profits  (2)
Closing a Corporation
Final 1120/1120S  (2)
Lump Sum Social Security   (1)
Charitable Contributions  (1) (2) General Motors Common Stock (1)
Traveling Taxpayers (2) Tax Benefits for Education (1)
Repossessions and Debt Cancellation (3) Impact of Schedule K1 on Form 1040 (4)
Repair/Improvement Regulations (2) Introduction to Tax Exempt entities and Form 990  (8)
Forms 1099 from A to S   (2) Ethics  (2)**

* currently under development
** privacy and penalties are included in ethics

Class Downloads

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Teaching Schedule

 Lawrence Zimbler, MST, EA

Larry is a nationally recognized instructor for tax continuing education. He is available for hire on tax related subjects. Feel free to contact Larry.

“Best instructor I’ve ever had. Hope to have you in a future seminar.” 

Jerry, Springboro, Ohio~

2016 Teaching Schedule

January 8-9 NMSEA Update Session Albuquerque, NM
October 24-25 Beyond the 1040                 NATP Essential 1040 Atlanta, GA
October 26-27 Beyond the 1040 Macon, GA
October 28-29 Beyond the 1040 Columbia, SC
November 7-8 Beyond the 1040 Fishkill, NY
November 9-10 Beyond the 1040 Shelton, CT
November 11-12 Beyond the 1040 Parsippany, NY